Winners Stories

Wonderland's Wonderful Winner!

29 Aug 2011 at 14:35:05

It was on bank holiday Monday when I finished early from work and decided to have a game of online slots once I got home.

I decided to play on the Wonderland slots as I had previously won smaller amounts and enjoyed the bonuses.

I played 2p on 100 lines and spun, it was only on my forth spin that I got a bonus - great!

It was on the teaparty bonus and I started picking the pots when I got to the final game where I picked a cake. This one stood out to me in particular so I chose it and all of a sudden a coin popped out! I looked at my balance and realised it had gone up!

I stared at the screen in amazment and automatically grabbed the phone to call my mum!

Even now im still in shock that I won so much, but it has really helped alot and now. I'm planning a lovely holiday and the rest is still undecided! :D