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Winners Stories

Thanks England – You Lost, I Won!

28 Jun 2010 at 16:50:55

Sunday was the day England were going to beat Germany -- or so we hoped as my mates and I gathered in our local to watch the match.

We soon realised things were not going well and by half time we had started to drift home. My partner jenny was surprised to see me back early. She had been working long hours recently and we were both tired so we decided to go to bed with the laptop and have a go on the site – just chill out and relax and play our favourite games.

I deposited and went straight to Cloud room where I saw the jackpot was looking pretty good. I was going to put 24 tickets on but she said "oh go max out for the first game – at least you might get down to 1 number".

Well one ticket was going mad and I won the 2 lines and wanted 2 for the house. It all happened so quick as she said "You want 2 for the jackpot" I said "eh" in disbelief and then when both numbers popped out.

Well it was like "oh my god" and we were laughing our heads off.

So thank you England if you had played well I wouldn't have left the pub and been a big winner!!!

We’re booking a little cottage in Lincolnshire for a week to take the grandchildren and of course pay off a few small bills then it will be time to treat ourselves. Looks like jenny has already made a list !!!

Thanks to you we’ll be having a lot of fun with our winnings!