Winners Stories

Stephen’s Magic Moment!

06 Jul 2010 at 21:54:02

I’m now £3,482 better off thanks to you! I saw the website flashing up on Yahoo and thought to myself I want some of that, so I joined the website in hope more than expectance.

I put on £15 and chose to play some roulette, my favourite game. I had a small amount of joy on the roulette so I thought I would try my luck on something else on the site, which is when I had the magic moment.

I went onto the bingo front page and joined the bingo, bought myself a few strips in the hope of getting a lucky run on the go. Then I got caught by something flashing at me. This time it was a side game, Tycoon Progressive. The first spin I won 75p … and then three Tycoon heads appeared on the slot and £3,482 appeared in my balance!!!!!

In a state of shock I needed to get my girlfriend to check that I didn't just make it up, which was my biggest mistake as she is now spending all the winnings on new shoes and clothes!

Thank you very much, and hoping for more!