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Winners Stories

Thanks a Bullion Chat Mag Bingo!

27 Oct 2010 at 21:57:57

Running for the bus, I gasped for breath. Blimey, I was only 33, but felt more like an OAP.

I even found it hard to keep up with my 63-year-old boyfriend Nicolas sometimes! Back at home that night, I finally put my feet up in front of my computer.

I’m one of those… ‘It might be me!’ types. So, when I logged on for a quick game of Chat magazine bingo, I hoped for the best.

But when I ended up with a massive £5,445, I couldn’t believe it! Rubbing my eyes, I stared at the computer screen.

I’d started by winning £200 on the Bullion Bonanza game. Hmm – must be on a lucky streak, I thought to myself.

So next, I gave the Tiki and Deal or No Deal games a go, and just kept on winning! In nearly an hour, my balance hit £400.

Amazing! And after a few more goes on Bullion Bonanza, I really hit the jackpot when three gold bars appeared!

My hands shook like a leaf when I realised just how much I’d won!

I was still a gibbering wreck when Nicolas walked through the door!

‘I’ve won!’ I shouted. He was as shocked as I was!

Once it’d sunk in, I started to think about the fun I’d have spending the cash. Paying some bills came first, but all that huffing and puffing for the bus had got me thinking.

I needed to get fit to keep up with Nicolas! And what better way than joining a local gym?
In no time I’ll be a lean, mean fitness machine. I might even take the plunge and have a few swimming lessons!

Nicolas won’t know what’s hit him... Getting back into shape will give me a new lease of life. And I certainly will be one of life’s winners!

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