Winners Stories

A great hangover cure!

11 Mar 2012 at 12:13:56

It was Sunday 11th March 2012 when I won the money, I had sent my husband to bed as we both had major hangovers. I couldn't believe it when my laptop screen started flashing. I was shouting and my husband came flying down the stairs as he thought something was wrong.  It was the best hangover cure we had, the money came at a perfect time
We got married on September 17th 2011, for a break we went to Crete in Greece. After a weeks holiday we got stuck in the airport as the greek airlines went on strike. We were booked on the flights for the following day, but when we arrived at the airport we had been double booked (what a nightmare) that was just a start. 

When we finally got home things got worse, in November we were invited out for a friends birthday. Within an hour of being there my husband slipped on a wet floor, we had to call an ambulance as we couldnt move him.  On arriving at the hospital he was operated on as he had snapped the main bone in his leg and broke the ankle in three places. 

Within two weeks he lost his job as he was unable to work, so we are now living on a single wage. Thought the New Year had got to be better,but recently I was diagnosed with mitrochondrial merrf syndrome and have had to cut my hours in work and my husband is awaiting another operation on his leg so is still unable to work.
This money has been an absolute god send - thank you so much Jackpotjoy!