Winners Stories

Bingo winner wins big on 3rd day!

23 Jul 2011 at 12:27:08

It has been an amazing win and moment, have only been on the site for 3 days and won!

I cant believe it - and I only joined the site for a few bingo games and to be able and spend some time chatting and socialising!

Monies could have not come in better :) I have just bought a new house, so decorating will be the first priority and how easy too!

My sister - the one who referred me and got my to win - is getting married and with this win, she can get it done sooner than expected - I'm giving her £7,000! and with any other extras will pay her an unforgettable Hen Night!:)

Holiday is also being planned and I will be getting me a new work car - honestly I'm still in shock.

I'd left the other room I was in first as the £5,000 jackpot was won and thought i'll come into here for a few goes and thank goodness i did!

What a win! Brilliant. Thank you, thank you, thank you...