Winners Stories

Paul K’s Decorating the Bank with his Winnings!

17 Mar 2010 at 09.37

“I’m gonna complete my garden with my winnings – I started it in 2001 but because it goes up a chalky bank it’s really hard to work with.

“I began planning it years ago, but we didn’t have the money to finish it. The wife wants it all to be decked, which is gonna cost a fortune, and since the children came along the garden has been on hold.

“But the missus was out at work on the day I won. I had a few quick games and hey presto! It was my lucky day!!!!!!

“All I had to do was wait until she got home to dish out the good news – as soon as she heard, she asked me to finish the garden! Not a problem now.

“It’s a pretty simple sum really: A win on the bingo = A happy wife!!

“Thanks Jackpotjoy!”