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Winners Stories

A wonderful winning story...

27 Aug 2011 at 19:57:37

Mary Beeton is my mum. She is has been married to my engineer Dad for 31 years, and they live in Lockerbie in southern Scotland .

My big brother was born in 1982 and I came along a couple of years later. When we went off to school, Mum started work as a care assistant at a home for the elderly nearby .

Unfortunately in these days the norm was to do a lot of manual lifting and she injured her back. She tried to go back to work after time off, but it was not successful, her back was permanently weakened.

With time on her hands and not much prospect of a job, Mum and Dad saw an advert on TV for the local Council recruiting Foster carers. This was something they had talked about previously and decided they would apply.

So in 1994 they became Foster carers with Dumfries and Galloway social services. This continued for the next 16 years in which time Mum fostered nearly 60 children, ranging from a few days old to 15 years old.

Over the years Mum had developed a repuation with the Social Services as having a talent for gaining the trust of the children and just as important , the parents whom she had to work along with. She stopped fostering in 2009, as along the way, 3 of the temporary guests had become permanent. Mum and Dad had adopted my now 2 younger sisters and my wee brother.

Over the years there have been joy, tears, hard times and many many laughs.

At the present time Mum and Dad are doing much needed repairs and improvements to the home and this win has come at the perfect time to help with the work in this livley household.

I can`t think of anyone more deserving of a bit of good luck in the form of a bingo win.

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