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Winners Stories

What a lucky house!

13 Sep 2011 at 21:16:30

Once again, thank you for my fantastic win!!!

I have always been dubious about online games, I didn't think people really won but all that changed this week.

I watched my daughter have 3 wins of over a hundred pounds each, and being only 19 years old earning minimum wage, you can imagine how ecstatic she was! After gaining my hearing back after her wins (all in one night) I decided to give it a go. I deposited just £10, thinking that I normally have a dabble with the national lottery, so I'll play give this a go this week….you never know.

I played a couple of games with my daughter nattering in my ear talking about how fantastic a jackpot would be when my name flashed on the screen. At first I thought I'd won the full house and was waiting to see if I'd shared it with anyone……

Then the winning amount came on the screen. I didn't move to start with… this kind of thing doesn't happen to me, I'm not a lucky person. I told my daughter to look at her screen and as she thought my user name would my name like her own, she said "oh you didn't win" as she read out the winners name, it took her a couple of seconds to click as the winners user name was our 2 dogs name…

I then got jumped on… several times!!!! I don't know what was best…..the feeling of winning or the look on her face when SHE realised I'd won.

My younger daughter promptly announced that if she won this kind of money, she would happily give everyone £500 to spend on themselves…….nice try!!

A large unexpected vets bill can now be paid and what better way to celebrate than on a hot sunny beach sipping a cocktail? Within 15 minutes of winning, I was scouring holiday websites and we have decided on a week in the Caribbean in February. Nothing like a bit of warmth and sun during our winter.

I can't thank you enough and have recommended you to several friends. My husband joined the day after my win and her has also had 2 wins each over a hundred pounds all within his first £20 deposit.

Anyway….need to get back on the treadmill so I can get back into my bikini!! Didn't in a million years think I'd need my bikini's this winter. How exciting!!

Thank you again and I look forward to receiving my next cheque in the very near future xxx