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Winners Stories

Loads of Free Wins!

02 Jul 2011 at 13:06:18

I logged on to play the Daily free game of Tiki's Catch of the Day and won 5 Free spins!

I played them and got about £2.00 out of it I spent another £1.00 on Tiki island with no luck so I decided I'd go and spend my last £1.00 on Monopoly Snap.

I selected a line and went off to do something then when I came back my balance said £6.00 so I'd won a share with another player. I was very pleased so I carried on playing but had no luck.

In the end I was back down to the last £1.00 and I looked at my young daugher Kiara as I use her as my username princesskiara as I thought it might bring me luck when I signed up.

Anyway I said to her I may as well use my last £1.00 on monopoly and I did to my great suprise 4 of my cards came out straight away.

I was looking at the screen thinking Mr.Monopoly man is teasing me, I bet I won't get my last card for ages and then it happened my 5th card came out and a message desended saying I'd won £3,500!

I stared at the screen in shock and was close to tears of happiness. I never thought I'd win that much money. I plan to save £2,000 of the money towards my wedding it so nice to have a chunk like that to start off with as savings with the other £1,500 I going to revamp my house but the biggest thing of all is taking my daughter to Peppa Pig World for her 3rd birthday in August and buy her a pink nintendo DS. 

I planned on doing this anyway but now I can do it without straining my purse.