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Winners Stories

June’s Big Win!

23 Jun 2010 at 15:21:59

I looked at the figure several times trying to work out how I was misreading it. Each time I felt my heartbeat rising. Unwilling to believe I could be right I shouted at my husband who was engrossed in the England match and he quickly came over – well, after over eighty years ‘quickly’ is a relative concept but despite the risk of missing a goal he obliged. Mind you I suspect it had more to do with me looking as white as a sheet!

I waited for him to dismiss my hopes but instead, after a measured pause he agreed with me, though not without adding the rider that he would believe it when the cheque arrived!

With one artificial hip and another decidedly on the way out I can no longer get around like I used to. So discovering online bingo has been a boon. I rarely play for more than a few pence, frugality had been a necessity for my generation, and it is a habit that’s too ingrained to lose.

This was a large figure though! Over five thousand pounds! Five thousand five hundred and twenty six pounds to be precise. Despite us both agreeing the figure, we still didn’t really believe it. My husband went back to the football and I decided to make a cup of tea, almost too frightened to look at the screen again as I was sure I would immediately spot my mistake.

I’ve read about people explaining how they leapt for joy. Not me, I was too numb with shock. I was still trying to take it in, still telling myself I must have made a mistake. When the phone rang the following day and I picked it up to hear a very nice young girl congratulating me on my win. Had I not been on the point of sitting down I’m sure I would have crumpled to the floor.

The bulk of the win we intend to enjoy while we can. Maybe a cruise on the Nile or one of those big liners we fancied trying but decided was too much of an indulgence. I think I may just buy those expensive riding boots my Granddaughter was talking about getting for her 21st birthday and there’s no need to worry too much about the cost of a new outfit for my Grandson’s wedding now.

I will continue playing of course but I’m not letting it go to my head. It is a little bit of fun that also helps to keep me mentally alert and of course I doubt I will get moaned at for spending too much time online for a bit now!

Won with:

Bingo 90

Bingo 90

Amount Won:£5,626