Winners Stories

Some Luck From Beyond...

23 Dec 2011 at 11:23:23

My wife and I sat down that morning discussing ways of trying to fund Christmas for our 3 children, who are aged 20, 15 and 14, and as it was Friday 23rd December, we knew time was running out, and we hadn't even bought so much as a selection box for our children.

We wasn't looking forward to Christmas as it was, because the week before on Friday 16th December my wife went up to her mothers and found she had passed away, which as you can imagine was very traumatizing for her, especially as she was very close to her mother.

Although I had been paid from my works, we knew that we couldn't use any of it as it was for bills etc. We finally realised that there was nothing we could do to get the money in time for Christmas, so we knew we would be sitting the children down later that day to explain, whom we knew would have understood, as they had realised we were both worried about it and had told us that they didn't mind not having any Christmas presents, as they would rather see us happy than worrying about one day of the year.

Whilst I was waiting for my wife to get out of the shower I decided to have a quick go on your site. I bought some tickets for the bingo room, my wife then shouted up to me that the shower was free for me, so I told her to keep an eye on my bingo for me, whilst I had my shower.

I must have only just got in the shower when my wife came screaming up the stairs to me, shouting something, which I couldn't make out what she was saying as she was shaking and screaming. I panicked and told her to calm down and asked her what had happened, to which she said “I think we've just won £4,560!”

Of course I thought she was seeing things so I came running down the stairs and looked at my balance, which sure enough said £4,560!! My wife started clicking the refresh button as she said that it could be a mistake, but this was no mistake.

I asked my wife how on earth she had won that amount, she told me that whilst she was waiting for the bingo to start, she thought she would have a quick spin on the mini game of diamond bonanza, which was located at the bottom of the screen, she said that before pressing spin, she was saying to herself, please mom, send me some luck, she thought she would spend 25p on one spin, but then accidently pressed the spin max button, which cost £1.25.

She realised she had pressed the wrong button, and felt deflated as we only had a few pounds left to play with, but when she looked up she thought she was seeing things when my balance said £4,560, which now we know she wasn't.

I can honestly say that my wife making that one mistake was the best mistake she could ever have made. We will never know for sure if it was just pure coincidence that we won the jackpot, or whether her mother sent her the luck she asked her to send just before pressing the button, but one thing we know for certain is she made the best mistake ever!

We used the money to treat our children to the Christmas they deserved, to pay off some debts and put some towards my mother in law's funeral, because after all, I really do think it was she who made Julie press that button by mistake. So thank you all, you really bought some happiness to us at such a sad time.