Winners Stories

Strange Dreams and New Year Wins...

02 Jan 2012 at 00:45:26

I had this dream in the New Year night, as if I was walking through the park and there were a lot of rabbits. And suddenly one rabbit jumped on my shoulder, but impulsively I whisked it from my shoulder. Almost straight away that strange rabbit jumped on my shoulder again. In few days after work I switched on my laptop as usual. Then I checked my mail, news, wrote emails to my friends and went to bed, but I could not fall asleep.

And I switched on my laptop again. I had some feeling which made me to go to your site and I decided to play on line for a while, to put on some money and if I lose without any regrets I would go to sleep.

I had some slots, but I did not win and next thing I did was the payment of the deposit for my slot in Billion bonanza. I played оnline quite long and finally I wanted to go sleep, but decided to make the last spin for today.

I pressed the start and could not believe my eyes as on the bottom line came out 3 gold bullions!! And in section `my credits` appeared sum of money even more than £2300, as I had some credits left so I did not know how much I won.

Yesterday I received the envelope there were my winnings which you can see as well. I am going to spend this money for the sight correction.