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Winners Stories

Wonderful Winnings in Verse

02 Jan 2012 at 20:26:30

I pressed play for the reels to spin
as always, hoping for a win,
then they stopped and to my glee
I couldn't believe it, oh goodness me!

My heart missed a beat and I had to blink,
checked the result (about ten times I think)
there it was as plain as could be,
three tycoons smiling at me

I'd won the jackpot, nearly twelve thousand pounds,
then I just jumped and danced around
Things like this don't happen to me
too good to be true, how could this be?

I calmed down and later went to bed
the thought of my win going round in my head
Next morning I thought I'd dreamt of my win
so I check JPJ and realized, with a grin,
that it really was true I'd won all that money
making life much brighter and very sunny

Big treats for my daughter and her little boy
and we'll shout from the rooftop of my Jackpot Joy