Winners Stories

First time Winner!

18 Jan 2012 at 16:16:14

Just to say thank you so much for my big win.  I came in on Wednesday from work to find a £25  free voucher, so after making my four girls their tea I sat down and logged on to site.  

On my very first game I won the progressive jackpot - what a fantastic feeling it was, and I am still elated.  

It has came at a great time as I have been finding things very tough at the moment so I'm going to treat the girls to new clothes and what ever they want and also going to give my mum and dad money to enjoy as they are both pensioners and sadly we found out last week that my mum has parkinsons disease.

I will also treat my 76 year old grandad and my brother and niece ... so you've have made one family in East Kilbride very happy.