Winners Stories

A great start to the year!

20 Feb 2012 at 16:10:55

It was the first time I had played on the site, and I joined after just seeing the TV advert with the Queen of Bingo.

I thought why not have a go, and put £10 on to get the new players incentive. I played a few games on the slots and won about £50 so in order to be able to withdraw my winnings I decided to play Bingo.

I think it was the third game i played and whilst the balls began to be called I turned away and started to play on the floor with my sixteen month old son, when I looked up to see my name up on the screen and £3,988 under it!

I could not believe it and had no idea what had happened until I went into the chat room and they told me I had won the Progressive jackpot!! I was shaking and lifted my son up dancing about the room!!

It has made my year thank you JPJ!!