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Winners Stories

I had nothing to start with!

23 Apr 2010 at 09:31:31

It was during breakfast, a little after 9am. I’d just put my 5 month old girl to bed for her usual nap and I decided that whilst I had some precious time to myself I’d make a cuppa and enjoy a game of Bingo.

The grand total of my account was £0.00!! So I played the free games, which I usually do on a daily basis. ‘Tiki’s Catch of the Day’ was the first port of call and I won 5 spins!

I played out the 5 spins and low and behold I managed to win some money, not a huge amount; just over £7.50, but this enabled me to go and have a flutter on another slot game. I chose Bonanza to use my current winnings and things were going well, my first spin almost doubled my winnings, so I thought, why not spin again!

Then all of a sudden, cuppa in one hand, an eye on the news and one on the game ....... I had to take a double glance at my laptop: my winnings for the following spin had popped up as £4,016.00 – the progressive Jackpot!!

For a moment I thought I may have accidently started playing the demo version and I was looking at my points. I didn’t want to touch any keys on the computer just in case I lost the lot! It took me a moment but I refreshed my account and there was the winning amount: £4,016!

What a wonderful morning it turned out to be, I had to call support just to make sure it was really there in my account and it was confirmed.

The money will really help pay off the rest of my car agreement and considering I’m currently on maternity leave, it couldn’t have come at a better time, I can’t thank you enough, it’s a real dream come true!