Winners Stories

Everyone's a Winner with Monopoly Snap!

30 Jan 2012 at 00:44

I logged on to my account and made a deposit of £10, I then had a look to see what game I could play and ended up playing Monopoly Snap. I accidently clicked on pay for all lines which cost me £5! But then I read the community chest box in the top left corner and it said if you get the first 5 cards called you win 60% of the progressive jackpot and i thought that i would never get 5 cards in a row so I was extremely surprised when I won £1600!!

All the other players also won some money so everybody was a winner.

I was that shocked that I won that amount that i woke up my fiancée and told her but she was too sleepy to take it all in and went back to sleep

I on the other hand couldn’t, i was so hyped up and so excited that i stayed up and played more games until 2am!

This win has come at a perfect time, at the moment I’m at college training to be a plumber so have no means of an income as its hard to find a job these days, plus I’m going away to Benidorm in April so now I can relax knowing that I’ve got spends for my holiday!

I would like to say thank you to everyone for my big win and good luck to all players.