Winners Stories

A lucky flutter landed a big win!

25 Mar 2012 at 14:22:02

I love playing on the site, it's great fun, and is good way to pass a few hours now that I am unfortunately disabled having lost both legs due to circulation problems.

And have also enjoyed spending a little of my winnings both on friends and family, as well as a few treats for my wonderful cat Kipper!.

I am 63 years old and my health has not been too great over the past 11 years or so when I had to give up work and go into hospital. m I was told that I would have to have a leg removed due to the fact that a previous operation had failed.

The great life I had before was sadly gone, but after a very painful and terrible few years. I have gradually got a little better and was able to leave hospital and move into my lovely bungalow. I unfortunately lost the other leg a few years later. I have despite all this built a new life.

I have carers that look after me and they have become great friends. I also love my bungalow and keep a lovely garden. I have my wonderful cat kipper for company. I have a little grandson Henry and lovely God daughter Hannah they warm my heart when they visit.

Despite All my health issues I have remained positive over the years and built a new life for myself.

Thank you so much, I do love a flutter on the site and now with this wonderful win I have bought a lovely new bed so I will sleep more comfortably!!