Winners Stories

A shaking suprise for Alan!

25 Apr 2012 at 09:15:02

I am still shaking so please excuse the pic's.  I couldn't believe I'd won even with my username staring at me in Lounge saying I had won £5,790! Me, a PJ! This sort of thing doesn't happen to me, but when it did, OMG!

So much has changed from winning the Lounge PJ. We have bought a newer car, a bigger and better TV, paid off some debts and I have had to go and buy a much bigger wardrobe as the wife has found a new hobby of buying clothes, lol.

Since I retired in 2007 we have found the pennies very tight , so this amount of money has been very, very helpful indeed.

Thank you so much Jackpotjoy Bingo for bringing some joy into my life at my ripe old age of 72!