Winners Stories

A surprise afternoon on Bingo!

16 Jul 2012 at 15:12:35

After having a very busy day at work I was looking forward to going home, relaxing and having a nice cup of tea.

After watching the evening soaps i decided to have a few games bingo on Jackpotjoy. I have been a member for about five months now and i have had many enjoyable experiences whilst playing, but had never really won anything big until i logged in on that day and played Lounge Bingo.

I couldn't believe my luck when the page flashed up saying I had won the Progressive Jackpot! I phoned my sister straight away to tell her the news because I couldn't believe my eyes and she confirmed that I had indeed won.

I can afford to buy the new washing machine that i wanted and now even my sister has become a member of JackpotJoy Bingo.

Thank you ever so much Jackpot Joy!