Winners Stories

An instant win with Super Snap!

15 Sep 2012 at 15:17:35

I regularly play the Slots on Jackpotjoy and after hearing that the Community Chest on Super Ssnap was high from my mum, who is also a member on Jackpotjoy, I decided to try my luck and have a go.

After a fair few hours of play I was getting tired and decided that enough was enough so my partner and I called it a day and headed to bed.

Once in bed something did not feel right and told me to get back on and have a few more goes so I grabbed my phone and set myself back up to play some more this time doing so on my mobile.

I had just made it in time to buy my ticket for, what was now, to be the big game and then one by one my cards turned with the 1st five cards out to which I sat bolt upright in bed frantically hitting my partner who by this time was fast asleep to wake her and tell her what had just happened.

I could not believe I had just won £5,311.

Thank you so much Jjackpotjoy the money will be well spent on our wedding next year and a new family car.