Winners Stories

A wonderful win on Bingo!

13 Apr 2012 at 16:10:33

When I was lucky enough to win the Lounge Progressive Jackpot, I took the time to reflect on what playing on-line bingo with Jackpotjoy meant to me.

Where else can you go and meet such lovely, caring internet friends, who are willing to allow you to share in their celebrations and traumatic life events?
Being part of such a caring community, when people who have often not even met form deep friendships; give and receive advice and support; and share humorous stories, is a great honour. Thank you to all fellow Jackpotjoy bingo players for making my social time even more special and certainly very memorable on occasions.

The whole process is greatly enhanced by the friendly, professional and approachable hosts. I never thought I would be communicating in chat with giraffes, chimpanzees, orchids, monkeys and jackals (to name but a few), and feeling quite comfortable not even knowing anything about the person I was conversing with.

Professional skills are tested and enhanced by being asked first aid advice; what to do in the event of labour starting and participating in a fellow players care whilst they were having a heart attack whilst on-line – a great privilege to say the least.

Managerial skills and competencies are further developed for all players by the involvement in cumulative score quizzes – fostering a superb team spirit, dexterity skills whilst playing bejeweled (often badly in my case) and communication skills via the active involvement in chat and chat games.

Being socially shy and under confident, the Manchester social event was a very big ordeal. But, I’m delighted I took the risk to attend, where I met some lovely people and gained confidence as the night progressed due to the help and support of those involved with making the night a great success. So all those who are nervous of attending, take the risk – it is very well worth it.

A very big thank you to all involved with Jackpotjoy, whatever your role, for providing players with so much more than financial reward – the majority of which money just couldn’t buy.

P.S. I spent my money sharing it with friends, buying cd’s, books, a tablet computer and of course playing bingo with Jackpotjoy.