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Winners Stories

I'm off to Oz!

04 Dec 2010 at 02:22:18

Before you all start falling about laughing at my photo, you really need to understand why I look so made up.

Ange (Bumpy2) and I have the house on the market. It's been up for sale for nearly 4 years. We have visas to emegrate to Australia that expire in 2012 (hence my user name off2oz).

All Ange's family are out there. Her mum, dad, sister and brother in law and her 4 nephews and 3 neices. All have expanding families. They've been there for 20 years. It's our dream to go and join them. We miss them all dearly, especially at this time of year.

Ange had the money spoken for as soon as I shouted her out of bed to tell her we'de won. Her first response was "that money goes straight into the bank to pay for a holiday over to Australia to see everyone."

We've not been since 2007. The family have only met our little ones once. Ange's mum and dad are getting too old to make the flight home now.

Such a great win on JPJ couldn't have come at a better time. And ironically, it really does cover the cost of four flights - just goes to show when you really need it, JPJ knows!!lol

Many thanks team for a great site and a fab community.