Winners Stories

A Big Win in Bingo!

07 Oct 2012 at 12:15:35

It was a Saturday night and i was in the house alone as my children were visiting their Dad.

I started by buying 5 tickets in the Sapphire room but after the first game I decided to purchase 4 to make my money last a little longer.

I continued this pattern all night playing 4 each game, while one was playing I prebought my next set for the following game. Chat that night was really interesting and they also had a couple of media games going at the same time so I started paying more attention to that then the actual game.

It was getting late and Media Games had finished at that point so I started concentrating on the Bingo game. I got down to 1 to go for the first time that night for the line, but just missed it. Next i seemed to be getting every number that was called and within seconds i only had 2 numbers left on my card both on different lines.

Next number called wasn't one I needed but sure enough the following number was. I think I won £17.00. "Come on" i said to myself 1 number for the Full House which was £60.00 and sure enough next number called was mine, but when the screen flashed up with 2 seperate winner boxes, for a second i couldn't focus but when my vision cleared i realised i had just won the Progressive Jackpot £17,932,00!

Instantly i threw my laptop across my bed and jumped up shaking like a leaf, i was texting my younger brother Kevin at the time and told him to ring me straight away.

"I've just won 18k I said "Shut up" was his reply, he took some convincing. After my short call to him I realised the time, it was ten past twelve at night, not really a good time to be calling people but i just had to share my news so I ran downstairs and rang my fiance Jonathan.
I was shaking so much at this point that when he picked up the phone he thought something terrible had happened, we were both extremely shocked to say the least and it took a good couple of days to get my head around it all, it just didn't feel real. But it certainly was.

I rang my sister Lindsay as she also won a large sum from Jackpotjoy the previous year along with a holiday to Tenerife which she very kindly asked me to join her on, it was a fantastic holiday. She couldnt believe it, as we had both won in the same Bingo room.
Needless to say I gave some money to my parents and close family, what a feeling being able to give something back to them for all their years of supporting me and I'm in the middle of redecorating my home and refurbishing.

But the best thing was seeing my children Lewis 11, Amie 8 and Trinity 2 face light up when I told them we were going to go on holiday next year. We haven't decided on our destination yet but im sure wherever we go the will enjoy it.

I knew it was possible but i never dreamt it would actually happen to me. Thank you Jackpotjoy it just shows dreams can actually come true.