Winners Stories

A shocking double Jackpot win for Sharon!

07 Jun 2012 at 17:23:34

After having a great day out with my husband and granddaughter, the hubby said why not have a bit of free time to myself.

After not playing bingo for a while I thought I would buy a few tickets and play.

I was sat watching the games play wondered why was I on three to go and others were behind, I thought I had lag as our PC was always going slow or crashing so didn't think much about it.

It was only when I saw I needed 'unlucky for sum' 13 that it was actually our slow old PC.

How wrong was I!

I screamed and my husband came running in thinking granddaughter had crept into kitchen, he saw my face and me shaking so I told him to look at the PC he said what am I looking for?

I screamed at him an said I think I have won the big one, he started laughing and said you are not that lucky.

But after refreshing the screen he said hunny way to go you have. 

So it's time for a shopping trip for new computer and treats for the girls and grandaughter - thank you so much for the win Jackpotjoy you've made our summer!...