Winners Stories

A rosey red win in Wonderland!

07 Jun 2012 at 09:40:21

On the night of the win I was new to the site, as I had only deposited twice before and didn't really have any favourite games.

So I decided to have a go on the Wonderland Progressive Slots game and choose to splash out on a 50p spin, soon enough I was down to my last £2.50 when I got a bonus.

It was the one where you had to pain the Queen of Heart's roses red, so I just coloured all the roses getting a win of £13 which I was quite happy with.

So, thinking it was done I went to make a coffee before sitting back down to try my luck on somethign else only to realise I had actually won the jackpot!!!

I jumped up and shouted my partner to come check it in fact i got the whole house up shouting lol it was a fantastic night and none of us slept much.

We're all still in shock! - Thank you so much jpj you have really made my familys' year xx