Winners Stories

Get rich quick!

05 Jan 2013 at 21:05:35

I logged on and had a quick look at all the rooms, noticing that the speed games would start soon I purchased my tickets, the first game started and i won £54.

I continued to purchase tickets and was lucky to win/share on a couple more games, I was talking and reading the comments in the Chat Room so not concentrating on all my games just glancing quickly.

All of a sudden I looked and noticed my ticket had gone to white in colour with 0 to go sign, Ihad won! Looking at the screen I saw the number called was 45 but at this point i hadn't realised for sure I had won as the games are so fast.

It just didnt register with me straight away not until i saw the information pop up on my screen saying Jackpot winner, the amount and my name. I looked at my balance and sure enough I had won.

Shocked, excited and alone as my hubby had gone to see my son playing in his band that evening, I tried to call him but was unable to get through, fellow players all started to congratulate me and I tried to chat back through tears of pure joy.

I played my last game and logged off. Still unable to reach my hubby i phoned my daughter, at first she thought I was joking but soon shared my joy with me. I then phoned my daughter in-law and other family members to share my fantastic news and eventually managed to get in contact with my hubby he congratulated me and said Keep on Playing.

I banked my winnings and knew straight away what i was going to spend the money on. I gave my daughter and daughter in-law some as they are both expecting there second child one in february and one in april, hubby wanted a new phone for work and so far i have purchased for myself a microwave, toaster, kettle, and not forgetting what every woman wants new shoes and handbag.

I have now been lucky enough to win 2 Jackpots can I win another why not watch this space lol.

2012 was definitely my annus horribilis but thanks to Jackpotjoy 2013 is looking pretty good. I would like to wish all my fellow roomies good luck for future playing.