Winners Stories

A double whammy!

04 Aug 2012 at 12:56:42

I couldn't believe my luck for a second time in less then three weeks I had won a second Progressive Jackpot whilst playing 75 Ball Bingo!

I had left some cards running in the Lounge Room and had popped off to Cloud, when after about half an hour I decided to log off, but remembered to just check and see how my tickets were doing in Lounge.

Whilst changing rooms I had noticed that the Progressive Jackpothad been won, my balance had not gone up at this point.

As i entered lounge I read in chat that someone had asked who had won the Jackpot. The reply I saw was Milly - I looked up at my balance and to my surprise there it was.

I just couldnt believe it i'd won again thank you so much Jackpotjoy - goes to show lightening can strike twice!