Yeah Baby!

Coin Sizes: 25p
Paylines: 1
Top Payout: 3,000 x Coin Size
Features: Bonus Game
Auto Spin: Yes

Yeah Baby! How to Play

Game Features

Wild Symbol
The Dollar symbol is Wild, like a Joker in cards, so it can substitute for any other symbol - apart from a heart symbol - to complete winning combinations.

Peace Segments
You need to collect four Peace Segments to get a place in the Bonus Game.

To collect a Peace Segment you need to Bet Max and land a Heart shape on a win line.

Peace segments won’t disappear between spins, or even between games, so you can continue to collect them even during a long game.

Love Test Bonus Feature
Once you’ve collected a complete Peace Sign you’ll be taken to the Love Test Bonus Game to discover how much you're really worth!

Passion Rating

Win Multiple

Hot stuff






Sexy and wild


Mild and harmless






How to play Single-line Slots

How to play single-line slots?

Although Single-line Slots come with just one payline, you can still control the levels of risk and reward by affecting the coin size. You can change the coin size in one of two different ways.

Click BET ONE to add another line, up to the maximum. If you click past the maximum it will return to the minimum.

Click BET MAX to select all lines and automatically start the reels spinning.

For convenience, as you increase your coin size, you'll see your possible winnings increase in the on screen paytable.

Spinning the Reels

To start a game, either click BET MAX or select your coin size and the number of lines you want to play and then click SPIN.

Auto Spin

Auto Spin allows you to select the number of spins you want the slot to make, while you relax and let the game do the work for you.

It automatically stops for Bonus Games, or you can use the Stop Button anytime, so you’re always in control.

To activate Auto Spin, simply spin the reels with your desired number of lines – so if you want to Bet Max make sure you Bet Max in the spin before you activate Auto Spin. Then, select Auto from the game controls and choose the number of spins you desire.

You can customize Auto Spin further by clicking on the Advanced Options tab:

  • ‘If single win exceeds’ will stop Auto Spin if you win above a certain amount on one spin
  • ‘If balance goes above’ will stop Auto Spin if your total account balance goes above a set amount
  • ‘If balance goes under’ will stop Auto Spin if your total account balance goes below a set amount
  • ‘On any win’ will stop Auto Spin every time you win