Triple Bonus

Min Bet: 1p
Max Bet: £200
Top Payout: x 800
Features: Up to 50 Hands
  Big Bonuses for Big Hands

Triple Bonus How to Play

To begin, chose your desired coin size and then select how many hands you want to play.

You can play a single hand, 5, 10, 25 or 50 hands and each hand costs you your selected coin size. But remember, the fewer hands you pick the higher the maximum coin size gets so make sure you get the balance right!

To begin, click PLAY. The cards will be dealt and your stake money will be deducted from your account.

The aim of Video Poker is to produce as many winning hands as possible by keeping the most useful cards from your original hand to help all the others.

Simply click on a card to hold it across all your other hands. Clicking a card again will take the hold off.

When you click DRAW, all face down cards will turn and your winnings will be counted.

You can also control the speed that cards are revealed by turning the Turbo feature on or off.

Winning payouts will be credited to your account instantly.



Jacks or Better


Two Pairs


Three of a Kind






Full House


Four Fives through Kings


Straight Flush


Four Twos through Fours


Four Aces


Four Twos through Fours with Ace, Two, Three or Four


Four Aces with Two, Three or Four


Royal Flush


Triple Bonus Tips

Big Payouts

Triple Bonus Video Poker has huge pay outs for the big hands... Four Aces and any 2, 3 or 4 will land the same as a Royal Flush - a whopping x800! But there's more good news with most four card combos paying out big as well, for this reason it might be worth taking a few more gambles when there is a chance of getting these big hands.

Lower Payouts

Because the pay outs are so high at the top end of the game, it should be noted that a two pair only pays out x1, so don't attached as much weight to these hands as in some of the other Video Poker variations on site.