Tiki's Catch of the Day

Coin Sizes: FREE TO PLAY
Top Payout: £750 (single payout)
 50 Free Spins
  £1,000 (weekly payout)

You must have deposited
at least £10 to play

Tiki's Catch of the Day How to Play

How to Play

  • The game takes place in Tiki’s Lagoon – a 10x9 grid that hides cash and spins. To select a square simply hover the pointer over it and click
  • Your rod will pull out an item – it could be one of five different coloured fish, one of the characters from Tiki Island or an old boot!
  • To win cash and prizes you need to collect matching sets of fish or characters.
  • You can come back once a day, and cast your rod six times on each visit
  • The number of items you still need to collect will be displayed in the paytable on the left side of the screen. At the start of the game you’ll need this many:

Yellow fish
Pink Fish
Red Fish
Green Fish
Blue Fish
Miss Tiki
50 spins
Mr Tiki
10 spins
Tiki Monkey
5 spins

Remember, you can play Tiki’s Catch of the Day every day and your game board will be stored for a week so if you visit every day, you’ll be perfectly placed to win something for nothing!

Please Note: Although Tiki’s Catch of the Day is a free to play game, you must have made a deposit of at least £10.

Good Luck!

A few frequently asked questions...

What coin size are my free spins set to?
You'll get the maximum 20 lines for your Free Spins, and the coin size is set automatically to a penny.

How many days does it run for?
Each game starts on a Monday at 00.01 and ends on Sunday at 23:59 making a total of 7 days per game.

How many picks do I get each day?
You can only visit Tiki's Catch of the Day once per day, and you'll get a maximum of 6 picks per visit – so make sure you use them!

Can I catch up on days I missed out on?
Not at the moment – so make sure you come back every day!

I caught Cash/Free Spins - how do I claim them?
Once you've caught enough fish you will automatically qualify for a prize. Cash will be instantly credited to your account. Free Spins can be claimed by clicking the Play Spins button at the bottom of the screen.

How do I know how close I am to winning?
The game automatically keeps track of all your previous days' picks. The grid and prize table will show you how many more cash amounts and free spins are left to find.

What does the X stand for on the grid?
Squares that are marked with an X are losing squares.

Can I win cash if I've already won free spins?
Yes. It is possible to win free spins and cash!

How do I use my free spins?
Click the 'Play Spins' button and you will be taken to the Tiki Island slot game where you will play your free spins!

What's the maximum I can win?
You can potentially win over £1,000 cash + 50 free spins on our exciting Tiki Island slot!