Take Me Out

Ladies left: Prize
18 or more JACKPOT
12-17 3 TICKETS
9-11 2 TICKETS
6-8 1 TICKET

Take Me Out How to Play

How to Play

To begin, simply play select to play any Take Me Out Bingo game from the Bingo Lobby list. From the home screen you can get here by clicking the large “play now” button in the top right corner of the page.


Buying your tickets

Once you have bought your tickets the game will start at the advertised time and you are away. REMEMBER to be included in the Take Me Out Community Jackpot feature you MUST buy at least 6 tickets for every game.


Winning Pattern

To win a bingo in this room you must complete the 15 number heart shape patter as displayed here. (the centre square will always be marked off for you as a FREE square to get you on your way to a win!


About Patterns

Individual Bingo games will call for different patterns in this case a Heart. The pattern will be displayed in the top left of the console window.

It’s important to note that in order to win a player needs to ensure that the required boxes are marked, though they don’t need to be the only spaces marked on any card.


Take Me Out Bonus Feature Details

Community Jackpot based on new Take Me Out feature

30 girls are displayed at the top of the game. Each has a number assigned from 1 to 30. (Numbers will not change);
  Their lights are on by default;
  As their corresponding numbers are called, their light goes off;
  If the players meet the new community condition, they will win the community prize;
  If the do not meet the community condition, they win a consolation prize.



Only players who have purchased a least 6 tickets are eligible for the Community Jackpot or the consolation prize.


Community Prize

100% is paid to all eligible players (purchased 6 tickets or more);

Prize money is split evenly between eligible tickets purchased (the more tickets you have, the larger your share will be);

A free ticket can trigger the Community Jackpot;

Community condition: 18 or more lights still on.

If the winning ball turns off the 18th ladies light, meaning that there are only 17 lights still on, the players would still win the Community Jackpot.

E.g., you are 1 away from BINGO, you need the 6-ball to win. There are 18 lights still lit, number 6 comes out – but 6 turns out to be a lit lady ball. The players will win the Community Jackpot!


Consolation Prize

If the 13th girl turns her light off then you will still have a chance to win some free tickets for the next game until the 25th girl turns her light off then as in the TV show you will experience a “Blackout” and no prize will be awarded.

Ladies Left:


18 or more:


12 - 17


9 - 11


6 - 8


0 - 5




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Every chat room has a Chat Host who looks after players – they’re easy to see as they type in red.