Bingo Royale

Ticket Price: 10p - £1
Game Jackpots: Variable
Super Jackpots: £1,000-£25,000
Features: Royal Pardon

Bingo Royale How to Play

Bingo Royale

You will play Bingo Royale just as you would a normal 90-ball bingo game, buying tickets using the ‘Buy Tickets’ button found at the bottom of your screen.


The Royal Pardon

If the Queen of Bingo is in her Palace she will issue a Royal Pardon at the end of the standard game, calling for up to five more bingo balls to be called. The number of extra balls called is determined by the Royal dogs and the number of times they bark.

Any player who completes a full house as a result of these calls will win a share of the Royal Pardon Jackpot.


The Royal Pardon Jackpot

This works in the same way as a progressive jackpot, with a portion of every ticket price contributing to the jackpot total. This jackpot amount will vary depending on the size of the pot and the numbers of players.


Super Jackpots

Completing your card in 36 calls or less will win you the Bingo Royale Super Jackpot! The payouts are shown in the table below.

Game Super Jackpot
10p £1,000
25p £5,000
50p £10,000