Roulette Splendide

Min Bet: 10p
Max Bet: £1,000
Features: 3D Graphics
  Classic or French

Roulette Splendide How to Play

How To Bet

Click on a chip from the chip tray at the bottom of the page and then simply click on any bet area on the table to place your bet. Every click on the area adds one chip to the bet. Select another chip if you wish to increase the bet by some other amount.

You can reduce your bet by holding down the SPACEBAR and clicking the bet you want to reduce. The bet will be reduced by the current chip value.

Clear Bets button will clear all the bets currently placed on the table.

Repeat Bets button will repeat the bets placed on the last spin of the wheel.

Click Spin to set the wheel in motion and start the wager.

All Stake money and winnings will automatically be transferred in or out of your account.


Simply click on Instant to enjoy Roulette Splendide without the spin animation.


Now you can double all your previous bets with a single click (assuming you remain under the table limit.)

Betting Odds – Table Layout

The table Layout is the main betting area, chips placed in here payout as follows:

Straight Up (Pays 35 to 1): Bet on any number, including 0, by placing the chip on the centre of a number.

Split Bet (Pays 17 to 1): Bet on two numbers by placing a chip on the line that divides the two numbers.

Street Bet (Pays 11 to 1): Bet on three numbers by placing a chip on the inner left boundary line of the roulette table that is next to the corresponding row of three numbers.

Corner Bet (Pays 8 to 1): Bet on four numbers by placing chips at the corner where the four numbers meet.

Four Bet (Pays 8 to 1): Bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3 by placing your chip on the inner left boundary line between 0 and 3.

Line Bet (Pays 5 to 1): Bet on two street bets (i.e., the six different numbers in two rows of three numbers), by placing your chip on the inner left boundary line where the line dividing the two rows intersects it.

Column Bet (Pays 2 to 1): Bet in one of the boxes labeled "2 to 1" to bet on that column of numbers. 0 is not included in any column.

Dozen Bet (Pays 2 to 1): Bet on a group of twelve numbers by placing your chip in one of the three boxes marked "1st 12," "2nd 12," or "3rd 12." 0 is not included in any box.

Red/Black, Even/Odd, Low/High Bets (Pays 1 to 1): Each of these boxes contains 18 numbers and they all pay out at 1/1. 0 is not included in any of them


Betting Odds – Racecourse Layout

Racetrack bets are bets placed using the oval “racecourse” area of the table – though they appear on the main table – and payout as follows:

Neighbour Bets allow you to place wagers on any five neighbouring numbers on the wheel. Simply click a number on the racecourse, you’ll place a wager on each of the five neighbouring numbers.

French Bets place wagers across an established section of the wheel. There are three different sets of French Bets you can place.

Voisins is a shortened version of "Voisins du Zero", which stands for "neighbours of zero". A bet here will place 9 wagers of the selected chip size:

2 wagers covering 0, 2, and 3 
1 wager covering 4 and 7 
1 wager covering 12 and 15 
1 wager covering 18 and 21 
1 wager covering 19 and 22 
2 wagers covering 25, 26, 28, and 29 
1 wager covering 32 and 35


This is a shortened version of "Tiers du Cylindre", which stands for a "third of the wheel". This bet will place 6 wagers of the selected chip size:

1 wager covering 5 and 8
1 wager covering 10 and 11
1 wager covering 13 and 16
1 wager covering 23 and 24
1 wager covering 27 and 30
1 wager covering 33 and 36


Also known as “The Orphans,” this section covers all numbers not covered by Voisins or Tiers. You’ll find them in the centre of the racecourse and a bet here will include 5 wagers of the selected chip size:

1 wager covering 1
1 wager covering 6 and 9
1 wager covering 14 and 17
1 wager covering 17 and 20
1 wager covering 31 and 34

Table limits

The overall table limit is £1,000, though individual bets have their own limits

Bet Opportunity

  Max Bet

One number 


Split bet (two numbers)


Row bet (three numbers)


Corner bet (four numbers)


Five numbers


Six numbers


2 to 1 (twelve numbers)


1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12


Red, Black, Odd, Even, 1-18, and 19-36


Bet Limits for Racetrack bets are based on the above combinations.

The game will automatically warn you if you attempt to exceed any specific bet limit.

Roulette Splendide Tips

Know your Bets and the Odds

Roulette Splendide not only offers you all the standard roulette bets but also the racetrack bet options which open up a new avenue of bet options, check out all the options in our table to the right.


There are countless betting strategies for Roulette, probably the most popular of which involves doubling your bets when you lose. None of them are fool proof however so they should be taken with a picjh of salt! One point that is worth remembering with this game is that you'll be refunded half your outside bet stake if '0' is returned on the wheel.

Spreading your Bets

If you are new to the game it's probably best to start with some nice easy outside bets (red/black or even/odd) and as you get the hang of it you could also place some smaller ones on whatever you feel is lucky within the board. This should give you relatively consistent wins as well as the excitement of seeing your inside numbers come in once in a while. This is a great way to make sure that you get more fun for your money.