Jalapeno Racers Pinata Party

Coin Sizes: £2 - £8
Piñatas: 4
Top Payout:


Top Spins Win: 200 Free Spins

Jalapeno Racers Pinata Party How to Play

Our Jalapeno Racers Piñata Party is so easy to play.

Starting the Game

Before you start you should select your stake size by clicking on the + and - characters to the bottom left of the screen.

As you change your stake you can see your potential win going up and down on the thermometer on the right of the screen.

When you're happy with your level of risk and reward, click Play.

The Party!

Once you've clicked Play you'll see your mouse pointer turn into a Piñata buster stick that you cash use you bash cash out of the animals.

As you hit them the thermometer will start to climb, confirming how much you've won.

The more hits you get, the bigger your reward!

Free Spins

Any amount of winnings above your initial stake can be taken as cash or converted into free spins on Jalapeno Racers - you'll be asked how you'd like to take your winnings at the end of each game.

All spins will be played at 1p a line on all 80 lines - and remember that the top prize on Jalapeno Racers is a mighty x 1,000 so you could be well pleased you took it!