Game info


Monopoly - Plus

Coin Sizes: 1p - 50p
Paylines: 30 (fixed)
Top line Payout: 1500 x Coin Size
Features: 2 x Bonus Games, Mini Games & 'Level Up Meter' Rewards
Auto Spin: Yes

Monopoly - Plus How to play

How to play Multi-Line Slots:

First, select the coin size - this will control the amount you wager on each line.

It’s important to remember that because payouts are based on multiples of your coin size, this also controls the amount of your potential win.

Simply click on the + or – buttons beside the coin size display to toggle through the different coin sizes.


Win Lines

Betting is fixed at 30 paylines.


Spinning the Reels

To start a game, either click auto spin or select your coin size and then click SPIN.


Auto Spin

Auto Spin plays the game automatically for a given number of games at 30 lines and the current coin size. Once you have selected your desired coin size, click AUTO SPIN and choose how many games you want to play.

Auto Spin will keep playing the specified number of games until you click the STOP button, you trigger a Board Bonus, or your balance is insufficient to spin again.


Game Features:

Mystery Wild Bonus

A Mystery Wild Bonus round is triggered when a completed spin does not contain a Logo Symbol on the first reel or a Board Bonus Symbol on any of the reels.

When the Bonus Round is triggered, Mr. Monopoly will appear hopping between the reels until he selects one to turn Wild. During the Mystery Wild Bonus, Mr Monopoly can turn up to five of the reels fully-wild resulting in huge cash wins.


Board Bonus

A Board Bonus round is triggered when you win three Board Symbols anywhere on both the first, third and fifth reels.

To play the Board Bonus round, you need to click on one of the Board Symbols to reveal your number of rolls. Then choose your ‘Lucky Mover’ to play the bonus round.

Mr Monopoly will ask you to click the ROLL button to roll the dice. Your mover starts on the GO square and moves the number of board spots equal to your dice roll total (Rolling doubles earns you an extra roll. Rolling doubles three times in a row triggers the Jail Bonus).

Different bonus features are awarded all along the board:

Property Bonus:
If you land on a property, you get one spin on a mini-slot machine. You can win both money and/or extra dice rolls depending on the symbols that land on the central payline. As you progress around the board, the mini-slot machines offer richer and richer awards with Wild, 2xWild, and 3xWild symbols.

Utility Bonus:
If you land on a utility, you get one roll of the Utility dice. The higher the sum of the Utility dice, the bigger the award you win. Rolling doubles also earns you an extra roll in the Board Bonus. Your mover does not move based on the dice roll in the Utility Bonus.

 If you land on CHANCE or COMMUNITY CHEST you receive a random card from the corresponding deck which may:

  • Move your mover to a property spot
  • Move your mover to a utility spot
  • Move your mover to the GO square
  • Award you a cash prize
  • Award you extra rolls
  • Send you directly to the Jail Bonus

Railroad Bonus:
If you land on a railroad, your mover advances to the next railroad spot on the board and you earn an extra roll.

Free Parking Bonus:
 If you land on the Free Parking square, you earn an extra roll.

Go to Jail:
If you land on the Go to Jail square, your mover is sent directly to Jail and the Jail Bonus begins. You do not pass GO or collect the GO award when this happens.

Jail Bonus:
In the Jail Bonus, your mover is moved directly to the Jail square on the board. You do not collect the GO award when you go to the Jail Bonus.

In the Jail Bonus, you have three attempts to roll doubles. If your roll doubles once in the three tries, you get out of Jail and receive a special award. Otherwise, you resume your Board Bonus from the Jail square. You do not get an extra roll if you roll doubles in the Jail Bonus. Also, your mover is not moved by any of your dice rolls in the Jail Bonus.

GO Bonus:
If you land on or pass the GO Square, you are awarded 200 x your triggering line bet.

NOTE: You do not collect this award when being sent to the Jail Bonus.

Income Tax, Just Visiting, Super Tax:
If you land on Income Tax, Just Visiting, or Super Tax, you receive no awards.


'Level Up Plus' Feature:

You can earn MONOPOLY money as you play the Board Bonus by:

  • Triggering the Board Bonus
  • Landing on a property
  • Landing on a utility
  • Landing on or passing GO
  • Landing on Income Tax, Just Visiting, or Super Tax

You gain more MONOPOLY money for landing on properties on the richest sides of the board.

The game will automatically save your current progress, which means that whenever you start a new session all previously earned MONOPOLY money is still available.

The MONOPOLY money meter, visible in the top left corner of the Board Bonus or on the first page of the paytable, shows your MONOPOLY money balance and the percentage of completion until you reach the next level.

When your MONOPOLY money balance reaches certain levels, you move up. When you 'Level Up', you gain a new title and immediately unlock either new player movers or new Board Bonus features. Additionally, the amount of MONOPOLY money you earn by landing on properties is boosted.

Reward Unlocked
   Entrepreneur    You start on this level.

   Express Train:

   · The first railroad spot becomes Express Train.

   · Landing on Express Train moves you two railroad spots.


   4 New Player movers:

   · Classic phone

   · Gramophone

   · Classic radio

   · High-heeled shoe


   Hot Property:

   · Each time you enter the Board Bonus, two randomly selected properties become the Hot Properties for that Board Bonus round.

   · Each Hot Property is marked with a golden 2X.

   · All cash awards won on a Hot Property are doubled.


   4 New Player movers:

   · Biplane

   · Luxury train

   · Classic country car

   · Motorcycle


   Super Tax Relief:

   · The Super Tax spot becomes Super Tax Relief.

   · Land on Super Tax Relief to spin a special golden slot machine with 4X Wild symbols.

   · New Chance card that sends your mover directly to Super Tax Relief.


   4 New Player movers:

   · Skyscraper

   · Engagement Ring

   · Trans-Atlantic plane

   · Classic Luxury Car


   Super Hot Property

    · In the Board Bonus, two randomly selected properties become the Super Hot Properties for that round.

   · Each Super Hot Property is marked with a golden 3X.

   · All cash awards won on a Super Hot Property x 3.

   · Super Hot Property replaces Hot Property.


The game will automatically save your current progress, which means that whenever you start a new session your status and all previously earned rewards and MONOPOLY money is still available.