The Million Pound Drop

Coin size: 1p - £1
Paylines: 25
Top Line Payout: £2,000
Features: Free Spins Bonus

The Million Pound Drop How to Play

It's easy to play Milllion Pound Drop:

Bonus Features

Win 3 or more Scatter Bonus Symbols to initiate the bonus game.

  • Choose to divide the cash across the trapdoors. You can use the 'up and down' sliders to control the amount of cash on each trapdoor. Or use the 'Random' and 'Even' options.
  • When all of your cash has been allocated and you’re happy with your cash distribution, press READY to start the Bonus Game!
  • A trapdoor may open during each spin in the Bonus Game.
  • When a trapdoor opens the cash disappears and creates a stacked WILD on that reel for that spin.
  • The stacked WILD stays on that reel and can land again for the remaining spins!
  • Free Spins continue until only one trapdoor remains – you win the cash on the last remaining trapdoor!


Wild symbol

The WILD symbol substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter Bonus Symbol.


Collect Cash

Each Scatter Bonus Symbol that appears will add a bundle of cash to the trapdoor underneath that reel.

The amount of cash added is equal to your total bet. You have a chance to win this money at the end of the Bonus.


Continuous saved state

When playing the main game any cash that accumulates on the trapdoors will save from session to session. So whenever you start a new session the cash on the trapdoors will be in place from the last time you played. It will remain there until you get into a bonus round.


How to play Multi-line Slots`

Multi-line slots offer the chance to win cash in an instant.

They’re called Multi-line Slots because you can choose to bet on more than one payline. This is good because when you play Slots you win by matching symbols along your paylines. Therefore, betting on more paylines increases your chances of winning! You can even win on more than one line with each spin.

If you choose to bet on more than one payline your coin size, which is the amount you bet on each line, will be multiplied by that number of lines.

Example: If you bet 20p per line and bet on 20 lines you’ll be betting £4 per spin.


Coin Size

First, select the coin size - this will control the amount you wager on each line. It’s important to remember that because payouts are based on multiples of your coin size, this also controls the amount of your potential win. Simply click on the + or – buttons beside the coin size display to toggle through the different coin sizes.

Default coin size is 2p per payline.



In this game the default bet is 25 paylines. This is the maximum and minimum for this Slot game.


Spinning the Reels

To start a game, click SPIN.


The Million Pound Drop registered trade mark and © Endemol UK Ltd 2010