Houdini Scratchcard

Coin Size: £2
Rounds: 1-2
Top Payout:


Houdini Scratchcard How to Play

It's simple to disappear with some of Houdini's instant cash prizes!

Round 1: Monkey Balloon Pop

  • ‘Play for £2’
  • Click on and burst all eight of Houdini’s balloons, either all at once or one at a time.
  • If you reveal three matching numbers you will win the cash equivalent!

Once all the balloons are popped, if a key appears you have gained access to the next round.

Round 2: Free Houdini Chests

The key obtained in the Monkey Balloon Pop allows you to free Houdini, and win free spins.

Once Houdini is freed you need to select which chests you wish to open by clicking on them. Each chest you open will have a  free spin value which will stay on screen.

Houdini will continue to open boxes untill he makes his exit bow, at which point all your free spins will be added up ready to play on Houdini Slots!

NOTE: Cash won from the Monkey balloons will be credited to your account balance. Any free spins won can be redeemed straight away or saved up until you complete your play on Houdini Instant.