Hi Lo

Min Bet: 20p
Max Bet:: £250
Features: Single Deck
  Super fast pace

Hi Lo How to Play

Initial Wager

To start Hi or Lo you must make an opening bet of at least 20p.

Your winnings will increase relative to your starting bet though they’ll vary depending on the order of cards drawn.

Use the left or right arrows to choose your initial stake.

How to Win

Click Deal and the dealer will turn the first card.

The aim of the game is to guess whether the next card dealt will be higher or lower than the current one.

To make things more fun, however, you’ll be offered odds for each card – the less likely a bet is, the more you’ll win.

The table limit for an individual bet is £250 though you can continue to play £250 as often as you like.

Good Luck!

Hi Lo Tips

General Advice

Hi Lo is a simple game that is easy to play and a great way to get into Casino games. Important things to remember are that Ace is Low, King is High and if the two cards tie, you lose your bet.

How many rounds should I bet for?

The more hands you play the more volatile your game experience will be, so if you are a thrill seeker then you might like to play more rounds than if you like a smoother gambling experience!