Golden Balls Instant

Coin Sizes: 1p - £1,000
Top Payout: £12,000

Golden Balls Instant How to Play

Golden Balls is played over 4 Rounds. In each round, you’ll eliminate more balls, trying to hang on to the ones that contain the cash and lose the dreaded Killers.

Round 1

By looking at your revealed Golden Balls, and those of your opponents, judge who you think should be eliminated to remove as many Killer Balls as possible.

Round 2

One killed ball and two cash balls are added to the fray and, again, you choose which contestant to lose.

Round 3 - Bin or Win

Now it’s time to play Bin or Win! In this round you have to choose your Golden Five jackpot balls to build up a cash total. But beware of picking Killer Balls as they’ll reduce your Cash Total by 90%.

If the decision is just too much, you can the Quick Pick button and let the game do the work for you.

Round 4 - Split or Steal

Whatever your result in previous rounds, this could be make or break.

If you choose to Split you’ll take your cash total and the game is over.

If you pick STEAL, your fate is in your opponents hands. If they choose to Steal, you’ll lose all your winnings. If you Split, you’ll double your cash!

Good Luck!