Fortune Temple

Coin Sizes: 1p - £8
Paylines: 25
Top Payout: x 10,000 x Coin Size
Features: 2 x Bonus Games
Auto Spin: Yes

Fortune Temple How to Play

Game Features

Scatter Symbols

Scatter Symbols can appear on any reel and will pay you a win multiplier, according to the following table:



Win Multiplier







Wild Symbols

Wild Symbols will substitute for any other symbol to create winning lines, except for the Scatter and Fortune Temple Bonus Symbols.

Fortune or Misfortune Bonus Game

3 Green Eye Symbols on any payline will take you deep within the Fortune Temple for the 'Fortune or Misfortune' bonus game.

You're presented with six doors. In each of the 6 rounds you must choose a door which will be opened to reveal your fate. If you find a Gold Coins you'll win a multiple of your stake, but watch out for the Skulls that will bring the game to a close.

You can choose to open all doors which will automatically open all six doors and all the gold behind each of the six doors is added to the total bonus win.

Gift from the Gods Bonus Game

3 Red Eye symbols in a row begins the 'Gift from the Gods' Bonus game.

This game is simple: You're presented with the 'Red Eye of Premonition,' within which you can see a number of swirling random multipliers.

Simply click on the Stop button to decide your fate…

All wins in the Bonus Games are multiplied by the number of initiating lines.

How to play Multi-line Slots

Multi-line slots offer the chance to win cash in an instant.

They’re called Multi-line Slots because you can choose to bet on more than one win line. This is good because when you play slots you win by matching symbols along your win lines so betting on more lines increases your chances of winning! You can even win on more than one line with each spin.

If you choose to bet on more than one line your coin size, which is the amount you bet on each line, will be multiplied by the number of lines. So if you bet 20p per line and bet on 20 lines you’ll be betting £4 per spin.

Here’s a quick guide to how to play Multi-line Slots on Jackpotjoy:

Coin Size – Multi Line Slots

First, select the coin size - this will control the amount you wager on each line.

It’s important to remember that because payouts are based on multiples of your coin size, this also controls the amount of your potential win.

Simply click on the + or – buttons beside the coin size display to toggle through the different coin sizes.

Win Lines

You can now select the number of lines you want to bet on. Lines are coloured and appear across the reels and will multiply your coin size.

There are three ways to pick how many lines you want to spin with:

  • Click BET ONE to add another line, up to the maximum. If you click past the maximum number of lines it will return to the minimum single line.
  • Click on the coloured numbers at the side of the reels to choose how many lines you want to play.
  • Click BET MAX to select all lines and automatically start the reels spinning.
  • Betting on a lot of lines increases your chance of winning though it won’t affect the payout, as that is determined by your coin size.

    Spinning the Reels

    To start a game, either click BET MAX or select your coin size and the number of lines you want to play and then click SPIN.

    Auto Spin

    Auto Spin allows you to select the number of spins you want the slot to make, while you relax and let the game do the work for you.

    It automatically stops for Bonus Games, or you can use the Stop Button anytime, so you’re always in control.

    To activate Auto Spin, simply spin the reels with your desired number of lines – so if you want to Bet Max make sure you Bet Max in the spin before you activate Auto Spin. Then, select Auto from the game controls and choose the number of spins you desire.

    You can customize Auto Spin further by clicking on the Advanced Options tab:

    • ‘If single win exceeds’ will stop Auto Spin if you win above a certain amount on one spin
    • ‘If balance goes above’ will stop Auto Spin if your total account balance goes above a set amount
    • ‘If balance goes under’ will stop Auto Spin if your total account balance goes below a set amount
    • ‘On any win’ will stop Auto Spin every time you win