Fortune Teller Keno

Min Bet: 20p
Max Bet: £5
Features: x 10,000 Win Multiplier

Fortune Teller Keno How to Play

How To Play

Firstly, select your coin size. You may bet 20p, 50p, £1, £3 or £5. Simply click on the + or - on the coin size button and this will toggle you through the different coin sizes. Take note as this will affect any payouts you get.

Choose the numbers you predict will be drawn in the next draw. Simply click on the numbers on the paytable to select them. Numbers that have been selected will be ‘highlighted’. To de select a number click on it again to ‘unhighlight’ it.

Note as you add numbers to your selection the paytable will alter to reflect the changing odds.

Click DRAW to start the game.

Any numbers that you match in the draw will highlighted on your card.

Winning payouts will be credited to your account. It is important to note that the numerical figures in the payout table MULTIPLY the COIN SIZE you have chosen and are NOT the PAYOUT TOTALS.

You may keep the same numbers every draw or select new numbers for every draw.