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Family Fortunes Bingo

Card Price: 10p
Mini Games: Two Full House Jackpots to be won!

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Family Fortunes Bingo How to Play

Buying Tickets:

You buy tickets for Family Fortunes Team Bingo in the same way as you would for normal bingo. This means you can choose to buy them in one of three ways.

  1. Select Buy allows you to buy up to two full strips of six tickets for the next game – using this method you can also secure your lucky numbers by selecting which tickets you want!
  2. Bulk Buy allows you to buy bulk tickets in advance for games up to 24 hours away.
  3. Schedule Buy allows you to buy tickets for specific games.

All tickets bought for a game are automatically included, though only your top cards will appear in the game screen.

How to Win

Team Bingo is played in the same way as normal 90 Ball Bingo – with prizes awarded for one line, two lines and a Full House.

The difference with Team Bingo is that there are two Jackpots – one Full House Jackpot and another Family Fortune Jackpot.

Players win for one and two line jackpots just like normal, with prizes awarded to individual players once their lines are complete.

But when the time comes to play for the Full House you’ll find yourself rooting for more than your cards!

Making Your Family Fortune

Before the game starts you’ll be put into a team and then play for the one and two line jackpots as normal.

The biggest difference between Family Fortunes Team Bingo and other 90 Ball Bingo Games is that Team Bingo has two jackpots – a Full House Jackpot and the Family Fortune.

The way the two jackpots work is easy: If you win the Full House Jackpot you’ll keep it all, while you and your team also share the Family Fortune.

So the best thing about playing as a team means that you’ll now get more of that winning feeling than ever before.