DoND Scratchcard

Coin Sizes: £1 - £5
Top Payout: £10,000

DoND Scratchcard How to Play

Welcome to the Deal or No Deal scratch card game. This scratch card offers 3 games for the price of one!

Choose the card price that suits you and then click on the buy button to get started!

Game 1 – Symbol match Game

Click on the question mark panel to reveal your winning symbol. Simply find a match amongst the other four boxes and you’ll win!

Pays are explained in the pay table.

Game 2 – Cash match game

Click on the five panels to reveal cash amounts. Find 3 the same to win!

Game 3 – The Jackpot round

Click on all 9 boxes, if you can find 3 cash amounts the same you win! If you find 3 jackpot amounts you win the jackpot!