Deal or No Deal

Coin Sizes: 50p - £1,000
Top Payout: £10,000

Deal or No Deal How to Play

Deal or No Deal is the online version of the popular Channel 4 TV show. You choose your box from the shelves, and then try to get the best deal from the Banker.

How to Play

To begin the game you must first select your stake. The prizes contained in the each of the boxes down the left and right side of the screen will change accordingly.

Click on PLAY and then you’ll be asked to reveal the contents of six boxes – you can speed things up by clicking on the QUICK PICK option, and they will be opened automatically.

After six boxes have revealed their contents and six numbers have been eliminated, the phone will ring and The Banker will make you his first offer. You can accept the offer by clicking on DEAL or refuse it by clicking on NO DEAL.

If you accept the offer you’ll pocket the cash instantly, if you choose No Deal you’ll see five more boxes opened before the Banker makes you another offer. The game continues until either you accept the Banker’s offer or you reach the final two boxes and choose to either open your chosen box or take the Banker’s final offer.