Caribbean Stud Poker

Min Bet: £1
Max Bet: £150
Features: Game Jackpot
  Dealer Qualification
  100:1 for a Royal Flush

Caribbean Stud Poker How to Play

How to Place a Bet

Placing a bet on Caribbean Stud Poker Progressive is simple.

Choose your chip size and place it inside the betting or bonus circles on the game table. If you would like to reduce or remove your bet simply click the ‘Undo’ or ‘Clear’ buttons, or hold the spacebar while you click within the betting circles.

Once you are ready to play, press the ‘Deal’ button.


How to Play

Winning a Bonus Bet

A bonus bet costs £1 and must be made before the cards have been dealt. A total of 70p of your bet will be added into the game jackpot, with any winnings coming from that same jackpot pool.

The poker hands and their respective payouts in Caribbean Stud Poker Progressive are shown in the table below.



Royal Flush

100% of game jackpot

Straight Flush

10% of game jackpot

Four of a Kind


Full House





As the bonus bet is paid out before the dealer’s full hand is revealed; it isn’t necessary to win the hand or raise in order to win the bonus side bet.


Winning a Poker Hand

Once your hand has been dealt and any bonus bet money had been paid out, you will be given the option to fold or raise your hand.

If you choose the raise option then you will double your original wager and the dealer’s hand will be revealed for a showdown.

If your hand is stronger than the dealer then you will win at the odds shown in the table below.



Player wins with a Royal Flush


Player wins with a Straight Flush


Player wins with Four of a Kind


Player wins with a Full House


Player wins with a Flush


Player wins with a Straight


Player wins with Three of a Kind


Player wins with Two Pair


Player wins with a Pair or less



The Dealer’s Hand Must Qualify

The one important rule to remember with Caribbean Stud Poker Progressive is that in order for your raised bet to be taken into account the dealer’s hand must qualify.

In order to qualify, the dealer must hold at least an Ace or a King in their hand as a minimum.

If the dealer does qualify then you will win even money on your ante bet and get paid a fixed odds amount on the raise you made.

If you raise and the dealer does not qualify, you will win even money on your ante bet and have your raise bet returned.

Caribbean Stud Poker Tips

When to Raise?

As a general rule, you should always raise with a pair or higher.

When to Fold?

Generally you should fold anything less than an Ace and a King High Card.

Know your Poker Hands

As Caribbean Stud is a game based around poker hands, it's important to familiarise yourself with the hands and their rankings (see the image to the right).