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Candy Cave How To Play

Playing Bingo Online is easy: If you’re new to online Bingo, don’t worry simply follow these simple steps and you could find yourself with a big win in no time!

Buying tickets:

  • Click on the Buy Tickets button at the bottom of the screen and select the number of tickets you wish to buy.
  • There are 8 preset ticket amounts to allow for easy purchasing.
  • Once you’ve bought your tickets you’ll play a standard game of Bingo, where you have the chance to win with: one line, two line or Full House.

NOTE: To take part in all the bonus features of the Bingo Friendzy game you should buy at least 6 tickets to a game.

Friendzy Time Feature:

Once the Full House winner has been confirmed in a Bingo game Friendzy Time will start.

In Friendzy Time there are additional ball calls in order to give players a second chance to complete a Full House.

There will be between 2-12 additional balls called. Players who consequently complete a Full House will receive a cash award.

After Friendzy Time has completed players, who hold 6 tickets or more, will be given the option to join in the Friendzy Bonus game.

Friendzy Bonus!

Players who purchased 6 tickets or more to one Bingo Friendzy game will be given the option to opt into the Friendzy Bonus.

The aim of the Bonus game is to push the Friendzies up the tubes to create combinations of the same Friendzy. Points will be awarded for 3, 4 or 5 of the same Friendzies in a line (lines can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal).

Player’s points at the end of the game will dictate how many Free Tickets they’ll receive for the next Bingo game. The Community Score, taken from all players, will dictate the number of extra Free Tickets each participating member will receive.

Players can be awarded up to 6 tickets for their individual score and 6 tickets for the Community Score.

NOTE: If you purchase less than 6 tickets you will not be able to take part in the Friendzy Bonus games.

Free tickets awarded through the Friendzy Bonus game, or through ticket offers, do not count towards the 6 ticket minimum purchase required to enter the Bonus on the subsequent Bingo game.

Progressive Jackpot

Friendzy Bingo offers a Progressive Jackpot which will take a portion of every ticket sold and carry on getting bigger until someone wins it.

You'll win the Jackpot if you complete a Full House within 40 ball calls or less, the size of Progressive Jackpots can vary with the current value being displayed in game at all times.

When the progressive is won the winning player will receive 100% of what has been displayed in the game.

All other players who have purchased a ticket for the winning game will receive an equal share of a Community Jackpot. The Community Jackpot is equal in value to the amount of the Progressive, which means we pay out our Jackpots twice!

Invite a Friend Bonus

Players can increase their prize money by playing in the same Bingo Friendzy games as friends they have invited to join the site. This is called a ‘Buddy Bonus’.

At the top of each Bingo Friendzy room the number of invited friends participating in the current game is displayed and the more invited friends playing in the game the higher the prize money a player can win.

Example, based on a £100 prize:

Referred Friend
% Win increase
Cash Win

If the player who sent the invite is in the room at the time when one of their friends win then that friend will get additional 10% prize money.

Invited Friends Bonus

'Referred' Bingo Friendzy players will receive an additional 10% of their prize money if the player who referred them has tickets to the same Bingo game. This is also refered to in the game as a Buddy Bonus.

NOTE: Invited Friends Bonus will only be valid for the first 30 days after the Referred Player joins the site.

A Few Quick Pointers:

  • You will only be offered the chance to enter the Friendzy Bonus if you bought a minimum of 6 tickets to the next game - free tickets won from the Bingo Friendzy or received from a ticket offer won't count.
  • Any tickets awarded from the Friendzy Bonus can be held over and above the max tickets which can be purchased in any Friendzy Bingo room.