Bingo 90 Ball - 50p Bingo

Top Rooms
Bingo Royale 10p, 25p, £1
Diamond 50p
Bejeweled 25p
Sapphire 10p
Emerald, Tiki 1p - 5p

Bingo 90 Ball - 50p Bingo How to Play

If this is your first time here, our Online Bingo Welcome Deposit Bonus is an optional one time only offer made available to all new members on their first successful deposit.

Playing Bingo Online is so easy:

If you’re new to online Bingo, don’t worry. Follow these simple steps and you could find yourself with a big win in no time!

The Games Lobby

  1. Click on a blue Play button anywhere you see it onsite – there’s one at the top of this page.
  2. You’ll be taken to the Games Lobby, and presented with our range of 90 Ball Bingo Rooms.
  3. You can choose to sort our rooms by ticket price, Jackpot size or the number of players.
  4. To enter a room simply click on the Play button in the same row as your chosen room.

The Rooms

  1. When you first visit a room, it’s divided into three columns.
  2. The left hand column holds details of the current game - jackpots, number of players, ball’s called and mini games you can play.
  3. The right hand column contains the Chat window.
  4. The middle column has a timer that’s counting down towards the next game. This column also contains the Buy Tickets button.
  5. Click on the Buy Tickets button and you’ll be taken to the purchasing screen.
  6. Select the number of tickets you want to buy and then click Buy once you’re happy.
  7. By using the tabs at the top of the Purchase Screen you can also see all the tickets you currently own as well as advance buying for your current room.
  8. Once your tickets are bought you’re ready to begin the game.

The Game

  1. One of the great things with online Bingo is that you won’t need to worry about marking your cards as you go, the computer will do all this for you.
  2. While you enjoy the game or chat with your friends, our automatic daubers will mark your cards and keep a record of how many correct calls you need to win
  3. We’ll also ensure that your most complete cards are pushed to the front so you can make sure you’re watching the front of the race!
  4. We’ll flag it up each time someone wins and automatically credit your account!

Progressive Jackpots

  1. Every time you buy a ticket, a portion of the ticket price goes into the Progressive Jackpot.
  2. The Progressive Jackpot is won if a Full House is called within a certain number of balls.
  3. Because this doesn’t happen every game, the Progressive Jackpot can get very big.
  4. The number of balls changes from room to room, and this affects the size of the average progressive.

Bingo Bonus Games

    Bingo Bonus games are a great way to win even after the Bingo game has ended. Simply buy a ticket for a qualifying Bingo game and you’ll automatically have the chance to be entered into the bonus game, this takes place after the final Bingo winner of the game has been announced. Players will be randomly picked to play from all those who hold tickets to the bonus game.

    There are lots of different bonus games and it won’t be long until you find a favourite. Each game is a little different, but by following the instructions in the game you’ll get a second chance to win. So whether you’re fishing with Tiki, catching butterflies with Jin or moving crates with Bolts you’ll be sure to see the benefit in our Bingo bonus games.


    Chatting is easy. Simply enter a message in the little box at the bottom of your chat screen and then press Enter or click Send to see your message automatically appear.

    Chat hosts look after players – they’re easy to see as they type in red. If you have any questions please ask them, they love to help – and don’t miss their regular chat games where you can win cash and prizes!

    The colour that you chat in can be changed by clicking on the colour picker located at the bottom of the chat console – and you can also post smileys and icons.