7 and a Half

Min Bet: £1
Max Bet: £250
Features: Spanish Deck

7 and a Half How to Play


Select a chip denomination to play with by clicking onto one of the chips shown on the game screen.

How to Place a Bet

In Seven and a Half you can place an Ante bet, a Raise bet or both.

To place your bet, simple click on a chip of your desired value from the rack at the bottom of the playing field and then place them in the Ante on the casino table. After the first card is dealt you have the option to Raise by clicking in the raise area.

Each time you click you will add another chip of your selected value to the table.

To remove a bet before the cards are dealt, press and hold the SHIFT key and then click on the appropriate bet spot on the table. To remove all bets, click the CLEAR BETS button.

Important note:

If you choose to place an Ante bet, your remaining balance must be large enough to double that bet.


After you have completed your initial betting, you click on the DEAL button after which both you and the dealer will receive one card – both faced down.


At all times a player can only have one card face down by clicking on the peek button or hovering you mouse over your hidden card to see it (this will always be hidden from the dealer).

Hit Face Up

Clicking the HIT FACE UP button will deal one card to your hand face up.

Hit Face Down

Clicking the HIT FACE DOWN button will deal one card to your hand face down. This will mean that your current hidden card will turn face up.


Clicking the STAND button will end play on your current hand.


Clicking the Rebet button will repeat your bet from the last game.


A Winning Hand

If you have Seven and a half you win 1½ times your wager.

If your hand is closer to (but not above) 7 ½ than the dealer’s hand, you win the full amount of your wager.

A Losing Hand

If your hand exceeds 7 1/2, you lose (“bust”). If the dealer’s hand is closer to 7 ½ than your hand, you lose.


After all hands have been played your hands are compared to the dealer's hand. If the value of both hands is the same it is called a “push”. In the case of a “push” you receive your bet back and no one wins.


Bust: If your hand value exceeds 7 and a half, your hand is bust. The hand is over and you lose your bet.

Push: When your hand and the Dealer’s hand tie on any hand, this is called a PUSH. You are returned your original bet.


FACE CARDS - The face cards (Jack, Queen and King) all have a value of ½ in Seven and a Half.

ACES - An Ace has a point value of 1.

All other numbered cards are scored as they are numbered.


The dealer’s strategy is based on the table below:

Point value of Player’s shown cards:

4.5 or less

Dealer draws to 5


Dealer draws to 5.5


Dealer draws to 6


Dealer draws to 6.5


Dealer draws to 7


Dealer draws to 7.5


Single deck of 40 cards with all 8’s, 9’s and 10’s removed.

Dealer strategy is dependent on the value of the player’s shown cards.